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The Whole Measure Of Fullness

Liz became a believer when she was living in the park.  Tammy and her church approached her and told her about God. They prophetically asked Liz if she knew someone name James, she denied it to these crazy Christians several times.  Everyone continued on their merry way until someone from her church crosses by her near the public bathroom and hears her call her Husband’s name, “James!”.  They talk to her again and convince her God had told them to find her. She has been going to church since.  God takes care of His children.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” – Jesus

But that’s not the lesson.  The lesson is about who and how.

Tammy and Aimee and her church. Who helped introduce her to the family of Christ.  Who bought her the Greyhound tickets.  Who got her connected to Kim & Ruth and The Le’s.  Then handed off the responsibility to Kim & Ruth.

Kim & Ruth.  Who never wakes up before noon on a Saturday to drive her from downtown to El Cajon at 9am.  Only to find out it was only three blocks from the Skyline church, where they had planned to go to anyway for a conference.   Who handed off the responsibility to The Le’s.

The Le’s.  Who are relatively filthy rich.  Who drove her around and housed and fed her for the weekend.  Who will now hand off the responsibility back to the church.

How God never required anyone to do more than they were capable.  How He found the perfect people in the right situation to take over when the last was done.  How He orchestrated the events.  How he provided. How he blesses everyone in the path.  How he loved.

So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Ep 4:11-13

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This weekend, we had an ex-homeless person stay with us.  Her name is Liz.
We got in contact with her through a friend’s sister, Tammy.

Liz has four kids. Two living with her in Long Beach, two in foster care system and haven’t seen her for five years. DJ is 13 and Eza is 11.  They were both kidnapped by her ex boyfriend in 2008 and never heard from again.  Until he was arrested this past Dec.  They called her and told her they found her kids.
This weekend, she was allowed to bring them home.  A home that she moved into a few months ago, after being homeless and living in a park.

Currently unemployed, and scraping by on $825/month from welfare.  Her current husband makes $2.50/room cleaning rooms at motel.
She came to San Diego with no money on the Greyhound.  The round-trip $31 tickets where purchased for her by Tammy’s churchmates.  Eza is El Cajon, and DJ is in Clairemont.
She had no plausible plan.

Unbeknownst to us, Tammy’s close friend, Aimee, called Kim and asked her if she can give Liz a ride from the Greyhound station in downtown to El Cajon.  A good 30-miles.  Kim and Ruth cautiously agreed.  They were going to head that direction anyway to go a conference at Skyline Church, which happens to be a few blocks away from where Liz could meet Eza.  The girls drop off Liz, wishes her luck,  and gives her $20 for the rest of her trip.

Tammy posted a FB post asking if any one in SD can house her for the weekend.
Monica responds and agrees. Calls me and tells me about her and ask if I can pick her up from El Cajon and bring her home.  I go and play badminton 😀 Then I drive to pay for some birdies. Monica texts me and gives me the address to her whereabouts.  My phone has no data, it just broke this week to spite me.  I had to ask the badminton store owner to print out directions.  I glanced at it and went my own way.

I pick up Liz at a nearby Jack in the Box and drive her home.
We have dinner, then I took her to Best Buy with me to try to buy a new phone.  Didn’t get one.
Took her to Target to buy her some supplies and ended up buying her kids some clothes.
DJ, a new pair of shoes, he has never had a brand new pair in his life.  Eza got some girly make up stuff and and sweater.  Liz offered me some money that she had left over from the $20 Kim gave her.

We come home and talk a bit more and go to sleep.
I drop her off in El Cajon again.  This time she gets to see both DJ and Eza, because the social workers drove DJ there.  They even offered to the kids home to Long Beach.
I bought her breakfast at that Jack in the Box and gave her a $20.
She ended up having to use that for a trolley ride to El Cajon and transferring her Greyhound ticket to an earlier bus.

She texted me Monday saying she was safe in Long Beach.

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Baby No Mo’

Summer had come and gone. O spent his second Thanksgiving with a few firsts: first plane ride, first visit to Oregon, first white Thanksgiving, first Thanksgiving meal of which he could actually participate in. Before O was even born I KNEW I would do a horrible job capturing and documenting his firsts. It really takes good reaction time to record those moments. Technology has been a huge help. Snapping photos, posting them, etc. Now that O is 6 months into his toddlerhood, it really honestly has been a lot of fun and frustrations because he KNOWS but he DOESN’T KNOW. He knows fun, he knows funny, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He knows he doesn’t want clothes on, doesn’t want mommy to leave, doesn’t want to go to bed, no no no no no with a determined headshake. He doesn’t know that veggie is good for him, he doesn’t know that his feet never leaves the ground when he jumps, that snow flakes are frosted rain, that his left shoe is not for his right foot. I get frustrated with him at times but how am I any different?

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

Oh, and he doesn’t know how to say yes =)

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Confession from one Mommy to another (or more)

Mommy Manguy wrote a letter to all the mommas out there and this blog is not quite an attempt to respond to her letter but is merely a confession from this monkey mom.

Mommy Manguy’s blog is refreshing in the rawness of her joy and struggle of being a mother and it has been such a pleasure to share that journey and be reminded of similar frustrations or excitements in milestones. Orion has been, from what I understand, a verily easy baby. All babies have their daily moments and when certain circumstances arise (sickness, shots, teething, separation anxieties, overtired, you name it symptoms), these daily moments become days long battles that have me looking for my white flags. For working mothers, we bear the stress of being the employee that is expected of us and sometimes armoring up to fight the big-people fights, regardless of how many hours of sleep we may have gotten the night before. On the drop home or to daycare, we take off the employee ID and put on the Mom Of the Year batch. For Stay-At-Home moms, “those moments” occur exponentially more and during the day when everyone is at work, where is the escape? Who do you talk to? Mommy Manguy is right, we are on-call. Even when we are not physically there, we are mentally on-call, we are always thinking about the well-being of the baby. There is no rest for the restless mothers! 

To Mommy Manguy and other mommies: I have hid my face, I have locked myself in the bathroom, I have cried, I have walked away from my baby, I have stared at my baby, I have screamed in my head. Having grown up with an abusive childhood and having just somewhat reconciled with that past recently as an adult, I feared that I’m genetically cursed and during those moments when I felt like there was/is nothing left in me, fear and frustrations swirl within me and find themselves a new home as a ball of lead at the bottom of my heart. There are many moments when I felt hidden in the shadow of a past that I cannot change and a present that I cannot escape. Though these moments may only last for 15 seconds, to a mother it feels like an eternity, a mental and emotional prison of darkness. It is long enough to doubt your bond with your precious one, to doubt that you are not qualified/equipped/destined/ever going to be, a good mother. 

So what do I do? Anything that can break me away. If no one was around, I have gone into the bathroom, sat at the edge of the bathtub and prayed. Another thing I liked doing was grabbing the keys and taking the baby out for a drive, even if it means a 5 minute drive-thru to the local McDs to pick up some ice coffee. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who has been helpful in every way as we go through this as a family. I have came to an understanding of giving each other a break (like today, I asked for a short break after work to go walk around Target by myself, just to talk around). Scheduling date nights, scheduling girl’s nights, inviting others over to hang out and to “help” watch the baby while you hang out. These may not seem like immediate remedies for “one of those moments” but when you are able to have some regular down time to yourself, your tank gets refueled. For immediately effective “quick fixes,” as cliche as it may sound, prayers. It can be prayers for strength but most often I found myself in prayers of thanksgiving. Reflecting on Christ on the cross as a manifestation of God’s love for us fills my love-tank and reminds me to gather love not from myself but from Him who is love. 

This post has deviated quite a bit from the usual lightheartedness and briefness, but let this monkey mom steal a post for once =).


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The Situation

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Dear Onion…


It happend, due to a lack of attention to handwriting, my son has layers.


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