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Look who found her way back to wordpress? A lost mother who has since gained another little monkey! Maybe this time we can be better about keeping up with our chronicles. Well, let’s not set the bar up too high. A little catching up:

Cade Lin Le (aka Monkey#4) was born on 1/4/2015!

Baby Cade










Well, at 20wks, he’s not as small anymore and is capable of a duel:











On the other hand O turned 4 this weekend and is a lean mean nerf machine!









Have you ever tried digging a tunnel at the beach with a small shovel? Well, growing into a family of four feels a bit similar to that. Progress is slow, regression is a recurring theme, and it’s messy, in a very tangible sense, but every progress made brings so much joy!

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Hermit The Crab

Daddy, I don’t wanna wear Hermit The Crab today.


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Death Wish


Dad: Orion, be careful please.
Orion: No, I will be careful tomorrow.


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Days are slow, years are fast


I just figured out how to slow down time. ¬†Run. ¬†My mile time is the same as it was 20 (yup 20 friggin’) years ago, before I became a freshman in high school. ¬†Before I played an organized sport. ¬†Before I had to train to be competitive. ¬†It is a whole minute and fifteen seconds slower than my mile time as a freshman in college.
This is not good considering I’m not getting any younger, 33 next week.
I have a football tournament coming up in two weeks and a triathlon in three.

Yes I was listening to “advertisements” because I dont pay for Pandora One.

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A Day In The Life…Of A Rock Star

The waking up process.

Can’t waste time holding a toothbrush. Got things to do and people to see.

2013-08-27 09.46.382013-08-27 09.46.22



But we can never forget the most important meal of the day.

2013-08-27 09.55.57 2013-08-27 09.55.41


Ride motorcyle to the show. Safety first, of course.

2013-08-27 14.51.05


Show time.

2013-08-27 08.27.27 2013-08-27 08.26.43 2013-08-27 08.26.36 2013-08-27 08.26.01 2013-08-27 08.25.52

Take some pictures with groupies.

2013-08-27 10.31.48 2013-08-27 10.31.49 2013-08-27 10.30.56

Relax with some frozen milk n cookies

2013-08-27 15.31.05

Show dad how to bowl.

2013-08-27 14.45.15 2013-08-27 14.38.35 2013-08-27 14.29.54 2013-08-27 14.29.48

Go for a swim.

2013-07-06 16.04.00

Eat at Tea Garden

Cruise home with the windows down.

Call it a day.

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Sitting On His Throne


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Things I Took Away From The Practice Tri


Not in any particular order.

  1. Train. You can’t wing one. You can wing a 5k or ¬Ĺ marathon or even a full marathon. But you can’t wing a triathlon, no matter the distance.
  2. Sleep. They are probably harder to do when you don’t get any sleep. ¬†Probably.
  3. Hydrate.  Drink something before the race or you might become light headed during the bike ride.
  4. Ocean water does not count.  Drinking a gallon of this may have the reverse effect.
  5. After drinking ocean water, drink water. ¬†Gatorade is bottled ocean water. ¬†If you drink Gatorade, you’ll still need to drink more water.
  6. Don’t cramp. ¬†It hurts and slows you down.
  7. Refuel. Eat something, like a banana or carbo load the night before. ¬†You’ll need a lot of energy.
  8. You can’t buy speed.* ¬†An expensive bike won’t make you faster if avoid 1-7.
  9. Proverbs 16:18
  10. Learn to swim efficiently. Races can’t be won by swimming alone, but can be loss if you get stuck wading in the water for 10 minutes and then floating on your back because you’re too tired.
  11. Open water swim is to pool swim as running is to treadmill running.
  12. Prepare all your gear a few hours before bedtime.  See no. 2.
  13. They should take swimming out and add football.
  14. It takes a few days to recover.  It still hurts.

*However you can obtain it illegally, in pill form.

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